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Thread: Are amateur EDM DJ's the cockiest SOB's ever?

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    I don't think they are like that strictly because they're playing EDM. It just happens that EDM it's the 'thing' now and most of the beginners go that path, so after 3 gigs they think they're the s**t. I think most of us had a semi-moment like that in the beginning. But there comes an enlightening or humiliating moment when all the cockiness in the world goes back to where it came from that moment when Seth Troxler told Garrix that he's a nobody yet and he can't possibly have the experience for his age to behave like an established DJ...priceless

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomJockey View Post
    Is it just me or does it seem that "strictly" EDM DJ's are the most cocky, big headed, full of themselves type of DJ's out there? I've met so very few EDM DJ's who aren't completely full of themselves yet they don't even know how to play an opening set, can't play for 4 people, demand the big crowd and the prime slots, can't adapt to the crowd when their premade set isn't vibing. Like WTF IS GOING ON HERE? How do you expect to be taken seriously in this business when you can't do what your ONE job is? You're not JUST playing some tunes, you've gotta make it work. How many different EDM genres are out there that you can play to make things work? Why do you bash other DJ's and producers who are succeeding yet you're nowhere?


    I guess more of a vent. Are Top 40 DJ's and wedding/event DJ's this way? I started out as a top 40 DJ in clubs, but strictly do EDM now so it's all I deal with when booking for our events. Good lord these people are the biggest divas who expect to be praised for their inexperience because they have one good track. Whatever happened to working your way up to the top and supporting other people along the way?
    Hmmm are they the comfiest ever? I know I was

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    I don't know any, thankfully. Most of the guys i know play house/tech house or soul/hip hop/breaks etc and 99% of them are sound.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    It's only because features like auto-sync have opened the doors for a bunch of lazy cunts to buy some gear and think they're a DJ a week later that we go round and round in circles with this same topic.

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