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Thread: Hello! Need some help with music for a set!

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    Hello! Need some help with music for a set!

    Hello! Im trying to build a very nice and fat techno set in the following weeks!
    What im struggling with is that i cant seem to find music with the genre im interested in. What im looking for is low tempo tracks with really big fat bass lines with the kick who makes anyone feel like a boss on the dancefloor!

    A track to refer to: Boston 168 - Khidi Raver

    The bassline in this track is just massive and my plan is to keep mixing in and out tracks with just a continuation of these really groovy basslines.
    Anyone out there with some good tracks in the same type of genre?
    Highly appriciated!

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    Just heard that track and some artists that come to mind with a similar sound are Victor Ruiz, dubspeeka.

    Another helpful tip is to look up the music label of the track you like (Attic Music for this track). Commercial sites like Beatport and Traxsource have a huge libraries that you can sample before buying and are easy to navigate the music labels you're looking for.

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