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Thread: CDJ Suggestions

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    C-Note, sorry I never answered your question above until now. I do like the XDJ-1000/mk2s and they have held up nicely to being brought out for multiple parties and festivals with no major issues.

    My friend has CDJ2000nxs (not nxs2) which I played on not long ago and I have to admit they feel more solid and pro, the jog wheel feels nicer.. so I actually looked into swapping my XDJs for a pair of those since used 2000nxs have come down in price, but what I found out is that there are some features I'd be losing because the XDJ1000mk2 is really like a 2000nxs2 in software features. So I opted to stick with them. They are really quite nice and a bargain in the Pioneer world considering what you would pay for 2000nxs2 to get nearly the same feature set.

    My only complaint is that I bought them for the big screen and Pioneer goes and wastes a lot of that screen so I can't always see the track name, artist, key, and BPM all at the same time in browse mode.. annoying. But that's a Pioneer problem not an XDJ problem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlNapp View Post
    I've read about the rekordbox limitations of the 350 but i'm not sure if i got it right; can you set a cue point in rekordbox for each of your song (just the starting cue on the first beat, thats all i need) and then export these prepared songs on your USB drive? will the CDJ 350 be able to read these? or is this whole rekordbox preparation limited to the higher models? i found totally different information about this.
    I've used CDJ-350's (or 400's, can't remember which) once and they were ok, it's just that I've always disliked mp3/USB players because of the messy file system navigation (edit : also in my experience mp3/data CDs are much more prone to become unreadable over time, USB drives are no different because you read/write them continuously)

    They are also much smaller than the CDJ-800/1000 footprint players for example so probably a very good choice for a hardware-conscious mobile DJ (or someone practicing at home)

    On the other hand the whole Rekordbox thing is a very foreign subject to me.. I've never bothered to find out what's so special about it, but a lot of people seem to be using it which is why I'm interested.

    I think I've seen the software being used though. It reminded me more of someone doing a drug deal on the internet than setting cue points, kind of like the scene in the movie Requiem for a Dream where the drug haul comes into town and the dealer opens the briefcase while peeling an orange; very intimidating indeed.

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    I used to have a pair of 350 with DJM 350 and i loved them! Good price-performance ratio. And of course, USB feature too.

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    those nexus 2's look pretty neat 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Like View Post
    those nexus 2's look pretty neat 8)

    Thread is from 2018.


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