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Thread: Serato DJ FX with Rane61

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    Serato DJ FX with Rane61

    How can I control the 'DJ-FX parameter' with my 61? The only way I can figure out how to control the effects at all is with my mouse?

    I've never configured the FX right since ive had this mixer, but in the software I have the
    - FX tab displayed in Serato DJ
    - Chosen deck 1 and 2
    - Multi FX mode on
    - Square box under effect turned on

    Mixer I have the
    - USB Insert button on
    - Flex FX all way to the right on Wet
    - PGM1 flex fx on

    But how can I control the effect (DJ-FX Parameter) with my mixer and not in Serato DJ with my mouse?

    Tbh I dont know whether to be messing with the USB Aux Flex FX or PGM1 Flex FX for deck 1 FX, but with USB Aux/Flex FX I can't get anything to work.

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    You can't control the parameters of the effects from the 61. You will need some sort of midi controller like a Pioneer DDJ-SP1 or something.

    Can you provide a screen shot and maybe a shot of your mixer(to see what buttons are lit up), and I bet I could tell you what's going on with PGM1?

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