Been digging in my collection & dug these beauties out - timeless, quality, soulful house vocal & dubs - just simply loveleh stuff - Doesn't sound dated at all

We Are One (UBP Classic Mix) - Urban Blues Project & Bobby Pruitt
Time Out For Love (Prime Time Dub) - Cleptomanics
Somehow,Somewhere (Theres A Soul In Heaven)(Cleptomaniacs Ghetto Anthem) - Deep Sensation
Give it Up (Clepto's Classic Vocal Mix) - Eminence
I'll Be There For You (Knee Deep Classic Mix) - Knee Deep
Sex Bomb (Sounds Of Life Half Vocal Mix)- Tom Jones &Mousse T
Find A Friend (JJK Prime Time Dub) - John Julius KnightA
Without You [Jazz-n-Groove Club Mix] - Mary Griffin
Music Is My Way Of Life (The Lab Rats Remix) - Lab Rats
Love Is Not A Game (Il Padrinos Remix) - J Magik ft Kathy Brown
The Rhythm Of Life (Jazz N Groove Prime Time Dub) - The Keith Thompson Project
Cuban Blues (Sunrise Dub) - Primo
He Is The Joy (UBP Prime Time Dub) - UBP presents Donna Allen
212th Street - Knee Deep Presents Upper Class