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Thread: Using the loop function

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    I do this too when I run out of time finding or mixing the next track. Just don't take too long or else your audience will wonder what's happening.
    Ha. Yea if it is taking longer than expected, I let the loop go and pick it up later in the track.

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    Mainly for transitions.

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    Hi guys, i'm new.
    I play with a Traktor x1 and whit this i control two channels. I want to change my style to play, but also if i read the post, i can't understand very well the technique for play with the loops. I play techno and tech house, so i nave to work with 32 and 64 beats. When i loop the first song what kind of effects can i use to make a build up?
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    Well I usually create a 16 loop on my new track just after I mixed in a track. Why? Because you can just let your current track play out and you have loads of time to beatmatch. It's a great technique when you want to learn to beatmatch.
    Once you have the match you want, you can play with your knobs/faders (even the crossfader) to mix in the new track whilst the current one just plays out.

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    I experimented with them in Serato and found I didn't like them. I prefer to just mix the tracks as they are, but I get why having an intro/outro loop could be really useful.

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    Used at the right time, and in the right way, and with effects layered over, the loop can really add to either the incoming track, or to the mix-out. It's an invaluable tool, but can often be overused

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