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Thread: Any affordable options to eliminate the XLR cables to my active loudspeakers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris661 View Post
    The biggest problem with bluetooth is going to be latency.
    Quality isn't bad these days, with Bluetooth 4.1 having a decent amount of bandwidth for shoving data around, but 50ms+ of latency is going to mess things up for you, even if the average bluetooth user doesn't mind.

    VHF wireless systems, like the ones used for guitars, mics, and in-ear monitors, are where I'd start looking. Not gonna be cheap, though.


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    Any affordable options to eliminate the XLR cables to my active loudspeakers?

    There is another option. You can convert XLR to CAT5/6 using a device like this...

    Studio Hub ADAPT-XLRF XLR Female to RJ-45 ADAPT-XLRF

    Youíd need a pair... one on each end, but it uses a single CAT5 cable through the wall to the wall plate. Iíve used this product to connect my controller (inside a case) to a RJ45 jack on the back of my rack, and then to the mixer in the rack. It works beautifully and it was an easy one click RJ45 connection . I donít remember paying $50 a piece, but it looks like thatís what theyíre selling for.

    I donít use mine anymore since I donít use a separate controller/case. My controllers are now mounted in my rack, so I can use short XLR cables for my connections inside the rack.
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