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Thread: Helena Hauff - Essential Mix of the Year 2017

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    Wink Helena Hauff - Essential Mix of the Year 2017

    The mix opens with electro breaks and works its way through all kinds of techno and electro goodness. Nice to see breaks back in the limelight again somewhat.

    ETA: Sounds like her live scratching at 1 hour 11 min. Dig it.
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    Would this be considered breakbeat...? listening to opening track by Obergman- Rossetta and sounds like a breakbeat to me.

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    sweet, ill check it out. Breaks and techno? HellzYeah

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    Sweet I play breaks so I am definitely going to check this out.

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    I played this mix the other day and it worked. Now it's saying can't play in my region. bummer

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    To be honest, it is pretty boring. Same beat throughout, some electro noises and some, but pretty much nothing happens.

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