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Thread: People who make one post...

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    Let's informally watch DJF for 1-off posts and then post here (linking to said posts) just to see how rampant this is. If it's a lot of them by - say December - Dix and I will come up with a way to address them. Does that work for everyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchiemasha View Post
    In some forums i often wonder if the post is real... or bots learning interactions... Sales bot and trigger question to deliberately create debate about certain products etc etc!!!
    We (mods/admins) get a lot of that, but it's usually our dear human friends from India and China. 9 times out of ten they're trying to launch a subject matter to then link to their online business. Bots tend to bump a 5+ year old thread and post a link. I have deleted quite a few.

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    As noted in post 8, I am on the other side of the fence from some on this. In addition to my points made in post 8, I dont have an issue with one time posters. Sure, we all want participation from everyone but that's just not realistic. There are all sorts of people who come here to ask questions for all sorts of reasons. Unfortunately, they dont all stick around, for whatever reason. For whatever the reason, I dont see how posting an introduction is going to change that. If we required every member to post an introduction post before posting a question for help, & never returned, now we have not one but two posts & the member never returns. If a one poster comes along, I dont see how them making another post is going to help, promote or benefit the forum/board.

    As for deleting one poster threads, I dont see the point in that. If someone comes along & asks a question, and even one answer is given (much less several answers), regardless of whether the OP comes back, others may find the info useful. Its still a discussion involving other members (even if one), contributes to the forum & possibly answers questions for future members &/or other members during the current activity of the thread/subject being discussed. If we are going to delete threads discussions just because the OP didnt come back (the thread is finished), why dont we just delete all completed threads? Because it doesnt make sense. As long as the thread/subject is available for viewing, others can learn from it regardless of whether the OP ever came back to specifically participate in the discussion or not.

    Additionally, how do we know the OP didn't come back? He/she may have returned, read the thread, gotten his answer & (rudely) left without a thank you.

    More so, I'll go further to say there are all sorts of reasons why the OP may not return.
    He could have posted on another forum or asked his question to another professional, perhaps in a brick & mortar retail store & gotten his answer.
    I know I have created memberships to other forums or online websites, then forgot the site etc. So I wasn't able to go back. There are all sort of reasons. In the end, I am not convinced that deleting the thread is going to help. I think its going to remove discussion & information gained for members other than the OP in the future.

    To sum up, me, personally, I am not convinced that just because a member doesn't return, is causing any harm to the site, forum or the DJF community. However, I am 100% up for discussing this. Actually, I contacted KLH last night to see if this was something we needed to discuss in a meeting. We decided at that time the subject could wait until we have more input. In his post above, December was noted. I am ok with discussing this at anytime including waiting until December after we have more input from members &/or moderators.
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    Slightly OT, forgive me, but rather than start a new thread (and artificially bump my post count) I thought I'd take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy this forum. Everyone here seems to be generous with their time and information. Even threads like the 'Black DJ' one tend to resolve into mature, even positive, discussion. So glad to have stumbled upon this place, only wish I'd known about it years ago...

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    I agree with DIX. Ultimately, we cannot regulate individuals regarding etiquette.

    Yes, ideally we would prefer everybody to be like-minded, respectful and polite individuals - but we can't control or force their actions.
    People are going to do what they're going to do.

    I believe this site is fine. It serves its purpose.

    And as somebody who's been around the block a time or two - perhaps I can contribute to the community by giving some insight to somebody starting out with questions or share my experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spy View Post
    I thought I'd take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy this forum.
    I concur. I can only guess about all the hard work happening in the background to keep this site running from hardware maintenance/upgrades, securing external threats and coding that we members don't see. It is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thank you for having a topic on the forum where you can introduce yourself. I took advantage of her. I want not to stop and continue to actively communicate!

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