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Thread: FS: Chance to Win Pioneer XDJ XZ - Free Entry Available

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    FS: Chance to Win Pioneer XDJ XZ - Free Entry Available


    I run an events promotion website promoting all kinds of Electronic music worldwide. We've just launched our DJ Gear Competition and are offering a chance to win free entry in to the competition.

    Alternatively tickets are available to purchase for 10, the tickets are limited to 300, once they're sold we will be raffling off the Pioneer XDJ XZ. Shipping is available worldwide.

    The competition link is:

    Chance to win free entry: Visit the link to our Facebook page and share the pinned pos

    We're a UK registered company (Global Euphoria Ltd) and have operated for the past 5 years, helping promote over 7000 monthly Electronic Music events worldwide.


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    Welcome to DJF, GlobalEuphoria! Thanks for getting a vendor account!
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    Ok.. so lemme see if I understand.

    You're selling 3000 worth of lottery tickets for an XDJ that costs less than 2000.

    Then you're running a dj competition and the prize is NOT an XDJ, it's just a 1/300 chance to
    win an XDJ. A prize package worth effectively almost nothing.

    So you're going to walk away with more than 1000 in profit and a whole bunch of free DJ mixes for your site.

    Nice try, but your contest is a scam.

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    Thread moved to the correct section.

    In addition, the contest is obviously not endorsed by DJF.
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    Not sure where the 'free dj mixes' comes from, i think you may have got confused about the competition so my apologies if i had not worded it correctly.

    The competitions is 10 to enter, it is a raffle style competition so 1 in 300 chance of winning. And NO we don't walk away with 1000 in cash profit, after advertising, payment gateway fees it leaves much less than 1000.

    The competition is TO WIN the Pioneer XDJ XZ. We offered a free entry method for liking and sharing the competition on Facebook, that's it.

    To call it an outright scam is a little hurtful, we've been in business for over 5 years. Promoting over 7000 monthly Electronic music events and festivals, this competition is something we launched (yes to make a little extra money) but mainly to offer people the chance to win 2000 worth of gear.

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    UK register says your company was registered on the 24th of April 2020.

    The statement of capital is one share to a value of 1. So you're worth a quid (see statement PDF).

    1 in 300 chance of winning
    Not true, your T&C says one can buy up to 100 tickets, reducing the odds to one third. Implied odds of collusion reduce that to 1/1.

    Also, basic maths error: you failed to count the [undisclosed because unknown number of posted] free entries. While you only publicly mention facebook shares.

    Then I'm wondering how you are currently advertising and running so many gigs, when everything involving a crowd has been shut down worldwide due to COVID 19. Your website features gigs that don't exist, no mention of "due to unforeseen virus consequences" whatsoever. 7.000 gigs a month, and not a single mention on your facebook? Come on, I thought you were supposed to be promoting.

    Then I'm wondering how did you get an XDJ that's only available for pre-order because the production will not resume until August at best.

    I find your terms and conditions extremely off-putting, badly worded, some parts are just a block of text without using paragraphs, the format is inconsistent and the latter part coming out as straight lazy.

    The Prize’s:
    The prize is?

    Starting with all-tickets non refundable, that's not according to UK law if/when one fails to provide a product or service (Consumer Act 2015). Further down is explaining a bit of the refunding process should something happen, so I suggest you pick one, as your legal gobbledeegook currently holds no value.

    Winners’ Personal Data 11.1 Acceptance of the prize by the Winner will mean they are required to have their photo and video taken by the Promoter for promotional purposes (Public Relations and Marketing)

    GDPR breach. Does not apply to many countries, try again.

    11.2 By entering a Competition, you agree to the use of your name, address, and/or photograph or other likeness, as well as your appearance at publicity events without any additional compensation

    Ooooh dear. Noooope.

    Dream DJ Competition will only use the personal details supplied for the administration of the promotion and for no other purpose unless we have your consent.
    Direct contradiction of 11.2 - Who's "Dream DJ Competition", I do not see the definition of this party anywhere. You cannot define an object as an entity, by law.

    Dream DJ Competition cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss or injury suffered by any entrant entering the Promotion or as a result of accepting any Prize.
    So you can use anyone's details any way you want, but the consequences are not your problem. Hard pass from me I'm afraid.

    That is exactly like the AliExpress business model. If anything goes wrong, good luck getting your money back. Also noticed a lot of other things that quite frankly don't add up, but I don't have the time to go over all of it, I've seen enough.

    Here's the killer detail: You, Sir, currently do not have a XDJ XZ.


    we are well aware of stock issues UK suppliers are having with the XZ, the closing date for the competition is 27/06/20 and is right around the time suppliers should have them in stock. If not, we'll either offer a cash sum, or place pre-order with the winners local supplier.

    To call it an outright scam is a little hurtful
    It's accurate, and it belongs in the advance fee category. You're advertising a prize you don't have. Feelings are irrelevant.

    Cheerio. Give my regards to Mr Singh and the secretary (you know who I mean).

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    On the facebook it says there will be 12 free entries. Not sure if that's on top of the 300. If so it reduces the odds further.

    About the free mixes, sorry, my mistake I just assumed that a DJ competition involved, ya know.. DJing?? They usually do.

    A raffle is not a competition, a raffle is gambling, which I have no problem with.. but, a dj competition it is not.

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    Lol, he's just rewritten the T&C's still full of holes but nevermind.

    And complete profit turnaround as he added some dodgy charity proceedings

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    Ok let me clear some things up.

    The terms of play were written by what was thought to be of sound advice and were not fully checked. Point taken.

    We are not donating the proceedings to charity (nor does it state that in the webpage), they are local businesses that have been affected by Covid-19, as such we're giving them the money made from the competition.

    As i've said, it's not a scam. Could things have been worded better, sure and it's something we're working on. Constructive criticism i can take and use to correct mistakes, a pure out and out blood hunt is a tad excessive.

    I fully appreciate people protecting a community and protecting them from potential threats, and while I may be new to DJ Forums, i've been around the UK clubbing industry as a clubber and a promoter for many a year. Scamming a few thousand is definitely not in our interest. I appreciate certain feedback that has been given that has highlight a lax in our operation, and i'll be working to address these fully!

    the webpage state 'each raffle is limited to just 300 tickets, every time we reach 300 tickets sold someone will win one of the controllers.' so for every 300 tickets sold we'll announce a winner.
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    It's "thank you" for the free, in depth legal advice and taking the time to do your job.

    Yeah it certainly did look like it was not checked or even proof read, at all. The new version is still atrociously full of holes, but today I was done yesterday.

    Lol at that club crowdfunding, it's also selling tickets in advance.

    No idea why Amber D needs some money to run an online DJing tutorial since the business is already up and running, nor does she look like she needs your help, she's sponsored by Lacoste, Dream of Pink & Smuggling Duds Clothing Label already. Does she know you're using her name and image for raffle promoting purposes?

    Nice turnaround on giving away the money all of a sudden, I'm sure you're doing all that out of your good heart. All of a sudden you remembered there was that virus thing going on, I wonder why.

    At the end of the day, you have no prize, and the prize money will depend on how many tickets you sold. Maybe you should go advertise on mecca bingo, see if you can fool the grannies.


    This is getting better and better.

    There’s SIX Pioneer XDJ XZ controllers to be won!
    SIX. There wasn't one yesterday, now there's SIX.

    6 x 2.000 = 12.000

    300 tickets x 10 = 3000

    Proceedings given to nightclub and Amber D: -9.000

    You do suck at maths.

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