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Thread: Retired DJ's Man Cave

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    Retired DJ's Man Cave

    I retired from DJing over a year ago. I kept my turntables and sold my Rane 64 mixer and purchased a Rane MP2015. I always wanted a rotary mixer and it made sense since I am not taking the mixer out. I was also a video DJ for over 10 years. I had a vision to make my basement into a lounge. I kept my projector and had all wires run behind the walls.

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    Sorry, I can't seem to link video, even after copying link into video bar

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    Damn,..that's what I'm mancave,needs a disco-ball!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DennisBdrmDJ 2.0 View Post
    Damn,..that's what I'm mancave,needs a disco-ball!
    Use a beer can?

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    THAT is a sweet setup! Congrats on retiring
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    Thank you guys. My kids are especially enjoying the basement.

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    Very Nice!!!!

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    Nice man cave!


    a rotary mixer with a battle mode set up?
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