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Thread: DMX LED Strip

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    DMX LED Strip

    Do they sell any led strips (like a tape strip) that is DMX and can be pixelated. It seems I saw one once by Blizzard but cannot don't any.

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    Found several DMX LED strip controllers on EBAY, not clear if it will let you control individual LED's and just the strip.

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    There are a handful of Direct DMX tape strips out on the market, however they are pretty expensive.

    Environmental Lights

    You will get at least twice the "bang for your buck" by getting regular Pixel RGB tape and using DMX encoders to control the pixels. I believe this company also has decoders with automatic chases built in, which is pretty cool, because programming pixel tape is a ton of work and can require tons of universes.
    Environmental Lights

    What are you using them for? I will say that LED tape is not very mobile-friendly unless you can custom manufacture your own modular fixtures and decoder/power supply boxes. Do your research before you buy!

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    These are an awesome buy, btw (if you don't need the flexibility of the tape). Built in power and DMX.

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    Here's what you're looking for. - $ 79
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