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Thread: Do you broadcast? or would you want to?

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    Do you broadcast? or would you want to?

    Like some of the DJs here ive seen on threads im coming back into 'the game' after a couple of years sabbatical.

    Ive come to realise that it's all about the streaming and broadcasting these days. With assistance from our support forum [link removed due to piracy issues] we have managed to 'just about' get our live streams working on shoutcast stream, facebook live & recording simultaneously to a high standard. It's like a whole new world now isnt it! We use Pioneer setup: CDJ/DJM running through SL3 soundcard via timecode to Serato, yes im one of them annoying Apple users haha. We use Adobe Audition for recording, BUTT for streaming to our shoutcast station on LR and OBS to broadcast to Facebook Live.

    What do you think about this 'almost required' method of promotion these days? Do you broadcast anywhere, how do you setup for the best quality? Would you like to 'have a go' at it?
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