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Thread: Different DAWs tend to add a little bit of their own sound ???

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    Another reason could be the audio engine sample rate.. if it's set too low (to save CPU for example) and the audio is resampled (for example according to the Nyquist theorem 44,1kHz divided by two/halved equals 22050Hz) it reduces the high frequencies and distorts the lows.

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    If they are all handled at the same sample rate, bit rate, normalized and length, they should all cancel out to each other when the phase is reversed.

    Mix the output from different DAWs out of phase and adjust the level until they cancel.. whatever is left is the difference.

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    I imagine different DAWs could have varying panning volume crossover defaults. There might be for example a -3dB dip in the center that is wider than a -3dB in another that is yet different from another that defaults to -0dB.
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    I have started propably 30 threads about this. Then stopped doing this. LOL, the old and legendary debates in the past...
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