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Thread: UK Djs

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    Bexleyheath here! Not much in the way of clubs around here, late bars seem to be the thing (unless you want to travel slightly further afield). As a result of there being nothing around locally that catered for me and like-minded 30-40+ old skool clubbers, some friends and I launched our own little event playing house, trance, progressive classics from our era. We've done 4 events now and each one has gotten better and better. Raised some cash for local charity as well. Its called Archive. We aim to do one every six months (we're all very busy fathers and it's hard to do anything more regular tbh!)

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    Sevenoaks, Kent here - MAidstone has a couple of housey-type bars, but is pretty dead, as is all of Kent. Head to London if I want to boogie TBH

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    Quote Originally Posted by OscarSemper View Post
    Hi guys

    Is here anyone from UK who DJ in club over here maybe?
    I live in Wales, let me know if you're somewhere around

    Covid 19 - no work, no gigs, no opportunities facepalm: so looking for like-minded DJ types to trade banter and tips to begin looking for work when all this crazy stuff is sorted.

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    Hey, I'm from Gloucester so near to the Welsh border.. I've never played live in a club but have a lot of experience uploading mixes to Youtube. I'm up for exchanging some messages and possibly mixes.. I'd love to get some feed back from proper DJ's. Feel free to check out my Youtube channel where you will find mainly old skool garage and drum and bass mixes. Just search for gascan1986 Thanks for your time..

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