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Thread: Eternal effects machine, suggestions?

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    Eternal effects machine, suggestions?

    I;ve been looking at this little echo box that also has some filters:

    I own a Rodec scratchbox, it doesn't have effects and I'd like to add something like this to have at least echo and filters.

    My question is, what else is out there that is similar to the Benidub echobox?

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    Electrix or Pioneer used to be really popular. Back when effects loops were popular.

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    I used this search engine called google and found some interesting stuff.

    Check rdheclectronics. You can build a dub delay for 40EUR using a kit, or I'm sure they would build you what you want for a reasonable price.

    And they do dub sirens. Whatever that is. Seen. Raas.
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    I don't know about digital, but I have a TROOTS dub siren (slightly simpler than the model below) hooked up to a Roland Space Echo which then hooks up to mixer

    Click here for mobile viewing.

    pretty sure I just messaged the guy on facebook and he made one up for me - he's based in France
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