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Thread: Korg Kaossilator vs Pioneer RMX 500

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    Korg Kaossilator vs Pioneer RMX 500

    I was perusing some used gear at my local music store and found they have both for reasonable prices; $150 for the Korg, $200 for the Pioneer.

    I have a Korg KP3 already so the Pioneer would probably be overkill, but the demos I've seen look like a lot of fun. The Kaossilator on the other hand seems to function more like an on-the-fly production machine from what Ive seen and looks like just as much fun, plus it will compliment my KP3 quite nicely to boot.

    At the end of the day, I really don't need either, just more or less want a new toy.

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    I had the RMX-500 for the longest time. Loved that little box. I only gave it up because Traktor has its FX and my DB4 has a ton of toys. Seemed like overkill.

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