I'd like to present: Sam's Voyage 19.0. A fitting mix to end the year that is and soon will have been, 2017. I hope you enjoy this journey, as it is as deep and dark as it is hopeful at times, yet even keeled. Like, share and comment!


Fülproof Music
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Track List:
Mapping - Gacha Bakradze
Cosmic - Clawz SG
Galactic Railroad - Orchid
Serenade - Einmusik
Overflow - Nick Devon
Tholos - Billy Alex
West World (Aquiver Remix) - Symmetric, Future of Matter
Larson - GDLM
Zibal - Saive/Kleiber
Basar - Jan Dalvik
Balamba - Waifs & Strays
Dirty - CPM
L.D.O.E feat Valentine (Dub) - Aaaron / Deckert
Beach Rainbows (Artem Kalalb Remix) - Cristian R
Wired Mind - Fideles
Air Castle - Christian Smith
Aphelion (Mollono.Bass Remix) - Seth Schwarz, Westerby
Midnight 20 - Senzala
Ella - K Loveski, Ewan Rill
Personal Space (Guy J Remix) - 16 Bit Lolitas
Around Your Space - Giorgia Angiuli
Twilight (Extended Mix) - Siege
Hidden Hearts - Max Jacob
The Terminal (Extended Mix) - Eelke Kleijn