Hi guys

I actually had no idea where to put this thread, so if it's wrong I do apologize.

Lately I've become frustrated of listening to sets where there are absolutely no skills involved. The energy in those sets is so low I just tend to stop listening halfway through because they do not entertain me.

I remember when I was younger and there was less technology involved, people were more creative. I once watched a video of a techno dj mixing vinyl. He was mixing so fast he put the next record on his back just so he could put the next song on in less than 5 seconds. Amazing to see. Now they just turn a button.

Look I'm not against technology in se, as long as it's used to make better sets. Which most dj's nowadays don't do.

The question is, I'm looking for great sets, genre doesn't matter. As long as it has great energy, great transitions, great showcase of skills.