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Thread: Vinyl set up

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    Vinyl set up

    Dear all,
    I'm new on this forum so sorry if my message is on the wrong topic.
    I have a question regarding a vynile set up,
    Would a pioneer djm 250 km2 combined with two pioneer rlx 500 be a decent combination to start mixing on vynile?
    I don't have a huge budget so that seems to be a good first choice for a small budget.
    Thank you,

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    Hello Alex,

    I see you are from Brussels, so I'll go easy of the miss-spelling of Vinyl

    Yes a 250mk2 and Pioneer plx 500s would be fine for starting.

    Make sure you consider a couple more things before you start:

    Are you looking to do scratching at all? Are you just looking to mix?

    Why are you deciding to use vinyl? Why have you decided against using a controller/CD system?

    I've been using turntables since I got started at 17; I can tell you that it's a very awesome feeling to know how to use the wheels of steel.

    However, you do need to consider if it is WORTH it yet. Your goals can change what you need VERY quickly.

    Mobile DJ? Just use a controller, it's lighter and less to have to worry about.
    House/Mixing DJ? Those decks might be good for a while
    Scratch/Hip-Hop DJ? Save up for used Technics 1200s or go for Reloop rp7000/ other OEM tables (stanton str8 150). Consider that you need good needles!
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    Hello Doug,
    Yeah sorry for the mispelling haha,
    I already have a controller and I am sufficiently happy with it. However, I would just like to buy vinyl because it seems way more attractive and that is where the real music come from, might sound a bit banal to say that but I just want to mix for pleasure and vinyl would be, for me, the best manner to play music.
    I am not into scratching, hip hop and rnb, it's more house/disco/techno, does it fit with these kind of music?
    Thank you very much for your answer

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    Vinyl is the best medium for scratching, but is also OK for all sorts of music.
    Using a controller or DVS gives access to easy FX which is a good point for house music.
    Using turntables means you can mix "real" records as well as timecode.
    Using turntables is more "work" to get a good mix and is more enjoyable than just following waveforms or clicking buttons.

    The setup you mentioned is fine, but be sure to check in detail the good advice of Doug - he is on point.
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    Vinyl is one of the worst mediums to store music. Time code if you want the feel. With out getting too technical on the issue, it's the inaccuracies, the imperfections of vinyl to what those who swear buy it love (just a lot of them don't know that). Also the restrictions in the pressing process, limitations, prevented mastering engineers destroying a song, pushing it too far.

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