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Thread: Problems with audio adapters

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    Once again.. tell us the exact brand and model of ALL the equipment you are trying to connect.
    If you're not sure, post photos.

    And post photos of the cables / adapters you are using.

    Because you are mixed up as to what is what.. you are using the wrong names for things, hence why nobody can solve your problem.
    It's a simple problem to solve, but you need to give us good information to go on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatcluelessguy View Post
    The thing is, the mono adapter works for all inputs and the outputs, while the stereo TRS adapter only works for the phones output
    That is because the inputs are balanced mono while the phones output is unbalanced stereo. And you cannot connect a stereo signal to a single mono input, you have to either split it over 2 inputs or connect it to a dedicated stereo input channel.
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