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Thread: Is now the right time for a quality 7 inch turntable?

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    Is now the right time for a quality 7 inch turntable?

    I personally have hundreds and hundreds of 7" 45s. That's because I'm a reggae dj and 7" 45s have always been big in reggae, still to this day.

    Now that the hip hop world is getting in on 7" with these new portable players like Spinbox: and 7" scratch vinyl, do you think the time is rigth for a quality 7" turntable.

    I personally probaply wouldn't buy a Spinbox because there is no way I'm spinning my treasured vinyl on something sketchy gear like that. But if Reloop or someone else decided to make a quality TT in small size I might be interested.

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    Bizmarkie has a custom pair of 7" Technics see them here...

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