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Thread: Hello from Los Angeles - I'm Ryan Denis!

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    Angry Hello from Los Angeles - I'm Ryan Denis!

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Ryan. I currently live in Los Angeles (I moved here a few years ago for work). I work in business, but my hobby and my true passion is music. My genre of choice is techno and deep techno (aka melodic techno). I treat DJing and producing (via Ableton Live) as a hobby that helps relieve the stress of the real world. I like to dream that one day it will go somewhere but I'm not over concerned if it doesn't. Really I do this because I love to share music with other people because music has the power to move people in many ways.

    Anyways, I've been mixing for about 3 years and I've had Ableton for about 6 years (but only recently started to watch tutorials and became serious in learning how to make tracks). I wish I had more time in the day. I find myself spending hours upon hours searching for new tracks, mixing, and producing (unfortunately it seems like there is really only time to focus on either mixing or producing at a time). I'm always willing to share the information and skills I've taught myself since I started down this dj/producing hobby.

    I have a very analytical brain and believe that in order to truly improve - you must look at yourself in an unbiased opinion. Many times that results in some all time lows in confidence but in the long run I believe it help you understand what you are doing wrong and therefore focus on how to improve it.

    I'm looking forward to sharing and receiving music/ideas with the community.

    Ryan Denis
    music makes everything better

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    Welcome Ryan, Looking forward to hear your music and share my music with you!

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    Hi there!

    I never tried producing, cause I just started do DJing, but producing is amazing I guess and I would like to go for it finally!
    Have you made some track actually?

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