Hello everyone!!

My name is Kiara, I am a cellist from Greece currently studying in Nuernberg, Germany. Although I am a classical trained musician, I love electronic music, especially techno and I lately acquired an interest in music production and composing.
Sooo, me and my best friend started a project together, mixing classical sounds with electronic elements, doing our first steps defining what someone could call avant-garde techno.
I am very excited to listen, exchange opinions and tips, learn as much as I can.

Where you are based?
Currently in Nuernberg, Germany but also sporadically in Athens, Greece

How old you are?

What do you do for a living?
Playing music

Have you had any experience in DJing or are you just getting started?
Just getting started. Better late than never.

Who has influenced you musically?
Beethoven, Rammstein, Nina Kraviz

What are your other interests?
Origami, Abbleton, Feeding birds

Where are you favourite places to go?
In Berlin and Amsterdam

Have you got a super power?
I can be a borderline cool person upon request