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Thread: JBL 515 volume issuw

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    The techs ran mine all day on the floor and they never cut out once. Mine arn't mounted on the floor, they are mounted up high touching the ceiling near the dancefloor. The temp at the ceiling easily hits 120'F after a few hours of people dancing.

    Your options are to trade them, sell them, or find a way to cool the heatsink. A small 4" computer fan is plenty.

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    I just may have to do the computer fan. I love the way they sound.
    Thank you

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    I know it's over 7 years later but I was searching for the same problem.... after awhile the volume drops considerably. My workaround was/is to drop the volume on the speaker then switch from line to mic (push button on rear of speaker then bring the volume back up until it matches the other speaker. The impedance is way more sensitive in mic position so be careful triggering those buttons. I've been too lazy (hours away from a shop) so I live with it. Maybe just have it like that from the get go then raise the volume if it dips in that position. May be heat related. Let me/us know if you ever found the problem and got it fixed. Love the 515s otherwise.

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