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only moving the speakers or the listening position has any effect.
Lenard Audio...
Standing Waves are bass frequencies reflected back from walls and ceiling. The reflected bass interferes with the new incoming bass frequencies, causing cancellations at different points throughout the room. Each bass note will behave differently and the cancelled points will be in different positions. Moving speakers or listening position does not solve the problem. The only solution is to insure that the room is 100% absorbent at all bass frequencies.
Unfortunately with sound... when we learn 1 fix, there's always another level of problems associated with it. Speaker and listening position can be tweaked but it's important to remember or to highlight, that it too has it's own set of problems. It's not the magic solution that fixes all. Even Lenard and his 100% absorbent has it's issues. To some this would only result in BAD mixes that translate into no environment. No one will listen to the mix in such away. This is why the reference in as many situations is always KING.

The secret is learning the difference, how to accommodate and compensate for them. This is like riding a bike. One can be told how to and fully understand the concept but they wont be able to until they've programmed themselves in the doing.

"I could tell you the secret but you wouldn't understand it. One has to learn it for themselves". This is true for all things. There are 2 kinds of knowing. In some languages they have different words for it.

That is the SECRET! It becomes part of your nature, natural ability, only then does one truly understand. It can also be said that some, simply through the constant doing, can achieve amazing things but lack any ability to explain why, lacking the knowledge in words and thought.

Possibly getting a little bit too deep for a Monday evening!!!!