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Thread: How to transistion

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    I think the best way to do it is mix it at 75 percent and try to find popsongs with the same beats to make it easier

    I Totally agree with that, to be honest some popsong you have to play until the end otherwise people won't like it. And i think when i am in a discotheque and i hear my song, i guess i want to hear it until the end
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    Especially, when the song is really known in crowd, they want to listen it from the start to the end Imo
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    Whos paying you?

    If its a club where you can do what you want you know what to do. And believe me there is nothing i love more than to set up my playlist and make changes along the way depending on the mood but generally just have a seamless mix. Thats 1-2 times a year I get to do that and a whole heap when Iam at home or before and after gigs.

    For the most part Iam doing Weddings. The Bride and Groom Pay me tell me what they really like and we all have a great time. I admit some minutes your buzzing away to Foot Loose the next they are singing along to Queen Bohemian then into some Booty popping r&B then singing along to summer of 69.

    I just play what they want and keep the crowd happy to cut an anthem before the end I will be booed at hated. So my trick is accept what it is and after playing these songs for a what feels like a lifetime I have strange system that seems to work.

    It may not follow the Camelot wheel of sonic ecstasy the "PRO DJ / Producers" use but it does give me some hope out there to keep it playful.

    Things to consider for me. Weddings typically 6pm-midnight
    So granted for the first 3 hours its all background and formality.

    So I really only have to DJ for 3 hours at most. In which case we group major party pleasers together at once and mix it up good and proper.
    Grease Mega Mix, Michael Jackson etc
    Smash into a Girl power sesh
    I will survive, Dancing Queen, Man I feel Like a woman Which in turn brings me to that country vibe
    So compliment that with perhaps POP styled Steps 5,6,7,8 or Timber or cotton eye etc
    Then somehow it always swings to R&B so play some there then they have had to much to drink and return to singalong anthems summer 69 living on a prayer walk 500 Miles etc
    then in the last 1 hour or so I can let loose into the 128 - 130BPM Ecstasy where its all those party bangers everyone loves and the room is pulsating along. NO PROBLEMS HERE

    My point is for some of us we don't always get to play what we want those of you that do i salute you. AS much as I would love to be doing what you are doing every job has pros and cons. For me the nut bush or macarena which I HATE are not that bad since I get headphones I can slip on and listen to something else.

    I have plenty of couples that strictly request COUNTRY. Iam not a big country person but somehow stay enough in the loop to keep them happy. But at the end of the DAY THEY ARE PAYING. If every song is not a beat matched masterpiece so be it best advice I ever got from this site regarding this issue is

    Fade Out & Move On.

    The Alcohol at this point in the evening is what has most of my party goers where they want to be and as long as the noise keeps happening everyone is happy.

    POP is pop and love it or hate its guaranteed a reaction so just enjoy and take the mixes where you can get them For me I have sets of Rock/Pop/R&B/Country/House/DNB that just marry together. Mixing genres is difficult and for me there is no good way to mix stair way to heaven anywhere you just play start to finish it. Once got my balls busted for trimming the start of working class man (Jimmy Barnes - Aussie Pub Rock ICON) and starting on the opening line. Ill never make that mistake again. It is what it is. Just enjoy what you do.

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