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Thread: Transitions and Techniques during tracks

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    Transitions and Techniques during tracks

    Hi Guys wondering if anyone could help

    When mixing I feel that I need more skills and techniques. My transitions are effective however I feel that I could include more skill to make my mixes a bit more lively. Does anyone have any favourites they like to use if so how do you perform them. Any comments/YouTube links would be helpful

    Thanks guys!

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    You can check DJ Carlo Atendido on youtube, he explains a lot of dj techniques in his video's

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    I was hoping to find some new techniques here too, thanks for the Youtube link!

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    I think you just need to try new things on your own. You can get some good stuff from taking a session to just try a bunch of different transitions without worrying about the mix as a whole. I am constantly learning and trying to improve and think up new things to do. They don't always work, but if you're not screwing up, you're not trying.

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    Stay away from that record button. Makes you fixated on doing things right. I'd recommend, what the others have said. Just play around. Check out your effects. See what they do and try to build them into your transitions. Work with loops. See if you can create momentum in a loop just with eqs, filter and one effect.
    As for techniques. Serato has this effect, called Noise Pulse. While in a bridge I try to up that to 25% in the first half of the bridge. Then I adjust the beats to double of what they were before and adjust the tempo by like +1 or 2. This way, I am creating tempo with the noise pulse becoming slower. So you dont really feel it becoming faster.

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