Hello All,

I have a car show that I'll be playing at this Saturday just to start things off and I have a few transition tracks on my list in which I would like to kinda switch up the vibe after 6 tracks @ 100bmp.

The tracks that I am referring to are mostly old school vibes - naughty by nature, k7, paperboy, etc.. However I'm thinking of switching to some more 100bpm, but I am thinking of transitions instead...

Example: Big Sean - Bounce Back (BPM Supreme 100-82 Transition) (Clean) (Short Edit)

My question is have many had smooth transitions with these that are from record pools? I'm wondering if I am now over thinking my playlist.

I have also thought about switching up to some 130bpm for some nice car show bass music/freestyle music, but feel as I have hit a bump during this time. Would anyone have thoughts/experiences?

Much thanks