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Thread: Advice on 2 or 4 channel uhf lavalier mic system

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    Advice on 2 or 4 channel uhf lavalier mic system

    Need help/direction on a good system for use with ceremonies.

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    spend the money...$400-600 PER MIC...I know. I don't want to do it either, but cheaper stuff won't work well. I got GTD to carry my from 700mhz banning to 600mhz banning .. $200 and the range is good, no dropouts, and the handhelds aren't bad..but the lav/headset SUCKS - it's useless.

    Looking to invest in a 2-3 channel system with 2 mics and 2 lavs..expect to spend $1000-1300...just started looking and some prices are coming down now for shure and audio technica

    like this
    or this

    or both..ouchy, huh?

    Or shure... for $280, 2 mics $280 more, then 2 body pacs for $280 more..then you stil lneed the lav mics...

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    The BLX is a solid mic and my personal recommendation for an entry level mic. Just make sure to get the rack-mountable version with external antennas, and pick up a set of the larger, long-range versions.

    Lavaliers can be tricky... They are very unforgiving if your presenter doesn't project and speak loudly and they feed back very easily. I personally suggest you grab a headset mic instead, as they have virtually none of the issues that lavaliers do. This Point Source mic is a great mic for the price (just get the headset version, earworn only is a pain) - but you're going to have to spend a minimum of $300 on the mic alone to get anything worthwhile.

    You will also need a mixer with a parametric/sweepable equalizer to tune out the feedback frequencies. Both headsets and lavaliers are next to useless without the parametric EQ.

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