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Thread: More Gigs or Less in 2017?

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    More Gigs or Less in 2017?

    Just an informal poll. How has 2017 been in terms of number of gigs: More or Less?

    We're not talking about money, just the number of gigs...
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    Less for me. I started out with a better year than I have ever had. Then about May, it died. I had about 1/2 the gigs by May that I had all last year, then nothing. I have gotten a normal amount of requests for gigs but they are outside, or music I know nothing about, nor care to play, kids/school events, etc. So while I started out with a VERY good year, now I am at less than I played by September last year.

    Good thing is, I don't need to have gigs to get by. I play cause we enjoy it & a little extra cash along throughout the year, especially at Christmas time, is always good.
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    Fewer gigs for me; however, like Dix, I do this on the side. I am getting pickier with the gigs I take - for example, I am not doing any Christmas parties this year as I don't enjoy them and I've missed out on my own staff party the past few years. I've also stopped accepting wedding gigs at private residences.

    Having said that, I'm getting about the same number of inquiries.
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    This year has been up a bit from last year even though I'm (kinda like cooper said above) NOT doing any private-land tent wedding gigs anymore. Did a few of them last year and they can be nightmares to do...I'd rather do without that stress! I've turned down a few of them this year...and I'm still up over last year. Next year is looking pretty good already...I have bookings as far in advance as NEXT October! As long as the trend for next year continues this should be an even better year than this year.

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    Ive had zero gigs this year so far

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    Been very successful this year thus far. Time to consider cranking up the rates again.

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