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Thread: Where to start with production?

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    Where to start with production?

    Hello everyone.

    I have Been DJ'ng for a while now and want to have a go at production. I have a sound card, mac book pro, ableton live 8, headphones and studio monitors. Do I need anything else?

    Please let me know how to get started? what sites did u find useful? whats the first thing I need to learn?

    any tips/advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Things we need to add to the Production and Recording FAQ

    1) What equipment that you need to get started
    2) What you should do first when you do start
    3) More tutorial links

    To answer the OPs question:

    1) You might want to look into getting a virtual instrument or several, depending on what kind of production style you're doing.
    2) Speaking of, what are you making? And how are you making it (samples, instruments, a mix)?
    3) Youtube is full of tutorials. You can pay for classes, but unless you pay for truly qualified instructors, you're not going to get better than Youtube.
    4) Learn your DAW. Make a track. It will sound like shite. Learn why its shite. Learn from that and make another track. That will be shite. Repeat ad infinitum til good.

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    Strictly on the gear topic and adding to the above comment, I would look into getting a decent MIDI controller keyboard (nothing expensive to start).

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