For our forth VIBRATION episode I will introduce you a very talented and passionate DJ. Despite his young age Jean Sébastien Schnubb at 19 yo has already 3 years of very good experience on the decks.

Already in 2014 Schnubb did not hesitate to equip himself with nothing less than the industry standard Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus.

Just like any good DJ, Schnubb quikly explored the different genres of music, going from EDM, House, Tech House, progressive house and so on.

Early 2017 Schnubb began exploring the Montreal underground electronic music scene. He then quikly fell in love with Techno. Today his main influence are Tale of Us, keith Carnal, SHDW & Obscur Shape, and of course his preferred label is Dystopian.

Now it’s time to let our friend Schnubb tell us his story…. I hope you will enjoy the journey…

Vibration 004 Special guest DJ Schnubb on friday july 14th 8pm


Track List

1-Tribute to the Prince (original Mix) Maukook
2-Left in the gardens (Original Mix) JSPR
3-Horus (Original Mix) Darse
4-The Mask of Sanity (Original Mix) Reset Robot
5-Tyred (Original Mix) Fedeles
6-Aurei (Audio Junkles Remix) Steve Slight, D-Formation
7-Parallels (Original Mix) Binaryh
8-Far Beyond (Original Mix) ANNA
9-Koba (Original Mix)Boy Next Door
10-Forget You (Original Mix) SevenDoors
11-Vino & Fagottini (Original Mix) Andy Bros