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Thread: Summer 2017: How was your last gig?

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    Summer 2017: How was your last gig?

    It's Summer 2017! Time to spin at a beach or at a house party or at the Club! Wherever it was, share with DJF how it went and where it was (generally)! Let's see how DJF throws it down!
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    got a house party gig coming up this saturday. i'll give an update on how it goes when it's done!
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    my last gig was great, (last night) i do a latin night in a local bar accompanying a live salsa band. it was packed, the popularity of the night is just about as much as the venue can take now. you could barely move around. a few dodgy things happened, at one point some dancer knocked one of the bands monitors off the stage and broke it, another time a pint of beer was knocked over bounced off a chair and spilled all over my foot. then later someone spilled a glass of water on the stage and there was water going around under the cables which was a bit scary.
    still though, well worth it to be surrounded by so many wonderful beautiful people & great vibes. I was testing out my new computer and controller (finally) which was nice, it worked pretty well. i calculated roughly that my previous computer must have served me for about 300 gigs now, which is not bad, but just about everything is dying on it now, from the left mouse button, to the screen, the built in audio, the USB slots, so it was soooooo nice to be able to relegate it to "the spare computer" at last. aside from that my DJ set was on form and the crowd were crazy responsive, more than other nights, you know those moments when the crowd is singing so loud that you can drop the volume for a beat and hear them. long live the summer 2017 !
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    My last gig didn't happen. It was to be a luau theme night at our weekly event and I had scheduled a lineup to play tribal sounding music in different genres through the night. Really looking forward to it, and then the A/C broke down at the club shortly before the event. We'll reschedule the night, but I was pretty bummed after all the planning, promo, and prep.

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    The Summer of 2017 has been my best to date. I started djing three years ago and this summer its paying off. I do a weekly pool party at a resort in the Poconos. I bring two crates of records and the crowd loves it. Thanks for reading!

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