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Thread: Dskreet Slipmats is Back!!

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    Dskreet Slipmats is Back!!

    Hello All,

    I'm re-introducing myself. I haven't been on for some time, but I'm happy to say I'm back in the slipmat game.

    I started producing slipmats in 2008 because I could not find any that I liked (for my personal turntables). So what is Graphic Designer to do? Make his own, and Dskreet Slipmats was born!
    I'm a Dj who makes slipmats for Dj's.

    Also as a Vinyl Dj since 1996, I will answer questions in the forums if I have answers, or ask questions if I have them.
    Premium Line of Turntable Slipmats.

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    what up! still have ur bostons slip mats!

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