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Thread: Am I a rare few? EDM listener that doesn't like raves

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    Am I a rare few? EDM listener that doesn't like raves

    I love trance, mostly uplifting and some orchestral trance, I been told most of the trance I listen to are in that subgenre, I'm not the type that really categorize genres of music into subgenres. Anyways I feel disconnected with a lot of people who listen to trance. I'm really the only person I know that listens to trance, or any electronic music, that doesn't like raves or drugs associated with the rave scene, not that I'm saying it's good or bad - I'm neutral about that. I usually don't tell other people that aren't into the electronic music scene that I listen to trance because I don't want them to view me as that type of person because I'm not. I been listening to trance almost all my life and I probably only been to 2 raves. To me uplifting trance is not danceable, it's music you listen to when you're in a nice scenery, like driving along a nice road in the sunset or hiking on a mountain up high with a nice view. To me its music that calms and soothe, not something to dance crazy to. That's just me though and people interpret music differently but I just feel there aren't a lot of trance listeners like me.
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    I'd agree with you.

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    Trance is created for the dance floor, though you do not absolutely dance or use drugs to enjoy it. :-)

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    Is that your mix?
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    I totally understand you about the categorization of trance music that is happening more and more nowadays. There are so many subgenres and with that we often tend to limit ourselves. So yea, in my opinion, it's good not to name music or describe it, but to surrender and feel what it wants to tell you.

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    To me uplifting trance is not danceable
    Sometimes the sound message that you are getting, tells you to stand up and start to dance with it. For example, so many people have reached a meditative state through dance with music. So again, I think that we should not limit ourselves with 'is trance music danceable or not?!' If you feel like dancing, there's nothing to stop you, if not, enjoy it in whichever way you feel like. : )

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    Are there many trance raves? I'm not big on nightlife myself, but it seems that even in places like NYC, you have to dig under a rock to find a place that plays something other than house, techno, top 40, or hip hop.

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