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Thread: FS: Ecler Nuo4 w/flight case & innofader

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    Talking FS: Ecler Nuo4 w/flight case & innofader

    First I was selling it, then I wasn't and now I'm selling my Nuo4 (The one with MIDI) again, . Comes with an odyssey FZ12MIX flightcase and innofader installed. Mixer works fine, only niggle is the front headphone port doesn't work, so I have it taped over. The top mounted headphone port is fine though. I had a solid amount of posts on DJF 1.0 & I'm also selling this on DJTT, so you can check me out there too.

    I actually don't even use this thing that much, and am willing to let it go for $375 + Shipping.

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    I'm open to taking the innofader out and dropping the price as well

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    How much without the innofader?

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    $500 shipped without the inno.

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    price drop $475 shipped without inno $525 shipped with

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    EDIT:price drop $450 shipped without inno, $500 shipped with

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    BUMP this might go locally soon
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    is the flight case still available?

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    is the nuo 4 a 10" o a 12" i really cant tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by titomysta3000 View Post
    is the nuo 4 a 10" o a 12" i really cant tell
    it's a 12" mixer

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