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Thread: DJ Livia - 9 year old scratch DJ

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    DJ Livia - 9 year old scratch DJ

    have you seen this 9 year old scratch DJ?

    stumbled upon one of her videos one day.
    shes great, raw talent right there. her sister (10 year old) also DJs
    these girls have a bright future
    My Neighbours listen to good music
    weather they like it or not

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    They are trained on the Hill, pretty good start.

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    Hahaha She is so sweet! Ellen is really good with kids!

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    yea, that ellen clip was not her best, though it must be a bit disorientating, going on a TV show and with poor (to no) monitoring.

    iv listened to her live broadcasts on facebook recently, they are kind of informal djing sessions with her dad on the mic LOL
    but , i tell you,she comes out with moments of pure scratching magic...things that (we all know) are not easy to do, even for the vast majority of grown up DJs.

    shes got swing!
    power to her, if shes doing that at 9. looking forward to hearing her develope her skills.
    My Neighbours listen to good music
    weather they like it or not

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    That's pretty sweet! She's gonna be real good ones she's older!

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    Thanks for the love and support


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