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Thread: Las Vegas Pool Party Attire...?

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    Las Vegas Pool Party Attire...?

    I am going to Las Vegas in a month for my brothers bachelor party celebration. We are planning to hit up a pool party/day club and the main DJ/headliner will be KASKADE. I have NEVER been to a pool party before. Knowing its Kaskade...There will be a lot of FINE A$$ Honnnneeeeeeeyyyy's fo sho!!!

    Since we are all DJ's (technically) and we also like to party, We as DJ's of all people should probably at least know what proper/ok party attire should be. I have a general idea as I have only been to a handful of pool parties here in CA/LA. But...I do have some concerns and need to get some second opinions.

    My main thing is...I do not want to look like a 'DOUCHE BAG' that is from Jersey Shore or some reality TV show. Therefore...Anyone know what the 'proper attire' for a pool party is...?

    1. Is a tank top ok...? (Obviously its going to be a skater/street/beach type tank top and NOT a 'wife beater').

    2. Will a 'bucket' type hat like the one's a fisherman/angler wears be 'ok' as long as its kind of stylish/street/urban...? I have seen some guys pull this type of hat off at a pool party before but I am thinking it might not 'fly' at a Las Vegas Pool Party.

    3. Should I stick to a regular baseball/flat bill type hat instead...? Seems like these are fine from the images I see on google.

    4. If I am feeling fashion forward and wanting to be more 'daring'....Should I go with a wide brim Fedora...? Kind of like what all the HIPSTERS are doing/wearing to spring/summer Festivals (Coachella, EDC, Ultra, Tommorowland etc) all across the US lately...? Seems like a perfect hat for a pool party.

    5. Should I go with board shorts or swim trunks...? Seems like the swim trunks would fit the vibe of a pool party more since that's what I see a lot of guys wearing in Vegas pool party pictures. Seems like the board shorts are more for the beach/surfing.

    6. Do you think a khaki/walking/linen type short would be 'ok' even though its not meant for 'water contact'...? Seems like a lot of guys wear these to pool parties no problem from the images I see on google.

    7. Sandals or Flip Flops...? Seems like it doesn't matter from the images I see on google.

    8. Are sneakers/shoes 'ok' as long as they are the VERY LOW TOP skater/surfer type that is 'ankle showing'...? (e.g. loafers, slip on sneakers (vans), water proof sneakers (native), boat shoes (sperry), Vans/Converse/Adidas/Nike low tops etc.)

    Sorry for the long thread. I just need some major help since I have NO FASHION SENSE at all. And also since its my brothers bachelor party and I don't want to let him down by getting kicked out of a club for NOT having the correct attire.

    But most importantly...because there will be some FINE A$$ LADIES and it will be my first chance to get laid in a long time! LOL! JK!

    Hopefully there is people in here who are somewhat fashionably modern/forward and who have been to many Vegas pool parties before and can give me some suggestions/advice/tips. Or even better yet...If your a resident DJ around the Vegas area who knows the party vibe/atmosphere better than anyone else.
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    I personally have no idea how to answer your question.

    I googled how to dress for a vegas pool party for guys and was rewarded with the following links:

    In my search the best tip I found was "Don't ogle the beautiful women too much". Make of that what you will. And have a good time!

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    You may get som insights from sociofreak !! Especialy the Photo articles really get into celebrity clothing styles! It is pretty cool!

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    Honestly at a Vegas pool party I think the douchebag look is the only look that would be suitable, LOL!

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    I've been to Vegas several times and have been to several of the day clubs. Firstly, unless you have serious game, you're not gonna just walk out there and get laid. Vegas is supremely competitive and the girls are constantly being hounded by dudes, so you've gotta be A+++ . I fancy myself pretty good at picking up chicks, but it's a lot more difficult there especially at the day clubs. So long as you don't fear rejection, you'll succeed. back to the meat of the discussion. Board shorts, any nice hat that you normally wear, shades, some flip flops and your golden. That's all you need. There's shallow pools that people play around in, but if you're like me and only going to get blitzed and have a good time then you won't do much more than sit by the side of a pool with your feet in. If you're comfortable not wearing any shirt, then you don't need a shirt. I'd vote that anybody who went to a day club fully dressed look more like a douchebag than the douchebags who looked like douchebags. Then again, I dress and act like one of those douchebags so my opinion may be skewed. So I'll go through your list.

    1. Yes. Even a wife/white beater is okay.
    2. If it's a style you normally wear, then go for it. If you plan on getting in the pools, then I'd be more worried about losing my nice hat. You're better off without a hat.
    3. Flat bill cap is never wrong, but again refer to number two. I have a big ass forehead, so I like to wear hats so my forehead doesn't reflect all the sun away.
    4. No. And more no.
    5. Board shorts are more fashionable, but you can always find a nice pair of swim trunks too. Whatever is more comfortable.
    6. Linen, yes.
    7. Doesn't matter
    8. Yes; you can wear high tops if their slick. J's are always a good pick, but again, don't wear something you don't want getting wet.

    Best of luck and have fun! From your fashion forward DJ and Club Rager, just go with what you're comfortable in. I went last during the slower season and had an absolute field day You'll have much more success with everything if you just go to have a good time and enjoy yourself.
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    At my last Vegas pool party, I started off with a tank top, then took it off. I was left with just shorts. Slippers and any accesories (can't remember if i brought my snapback with me) were left back at our cabana. I was with a group of about 8 with some of them being the laid back type and responsible. I on the other hand was getting trashed with my bou and having fun in the water with all the damn girls that were there. Go, and don't worry about what you're wearing and just have a good time. Don't worry too much about lookin the part and just party!!!
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