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Thread: Las Vegas Pool Party Attire...?

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    Las Vegas Pool Party Attire...?

    I am going to Las Vegas in a month for my brothers bachelor party celebration. We are planning to hit up a pool party/day club and the main DJ/headliner will be KASKADE. I have NEVER been to a pool party before. Knowing its Kaskade...There will be a lot of FINE A$$ Honnnneeeeeeeyyyy's fo sho!!!

    Since we are all DJ's (technically) and we also like to party, We as DJ's of all people should probably at least know what proper/ok party attire should be. I have a general idea as I have only been to a handful of pool parties here in CA/LA. But...I do have some concerns and need to get some second opinions.

    My main thing is...I do not want to look like a 'DOUCHE BAG' that is from Jersey Shore or some reality TV show. Therefore...Anyone know what the 'proper attire' for a pool party is...?

    1. Is a tank top ok...? (Obviously its going to be a skater/street/beach type tank top and NOT a 'wife beater').

    2. Will a 'bucket' type hat like the one's a fisherman/angler wears be 'ok' as long as its kind of stylish/street/urban...? I have seen some guys pull this type of hat off at a pool party before but I am thinking it might not 'fly' at a Las Vegas Pool Party.

    3. Should I stick to a regular baseball/flat bill type hat instead...? Seems like these are fine from the images I see on google.

    4. If I am feeling fashion forward and wanting to be more 'daring'....Should I go with a wide brim Fedora...? Kind of like what all the HIPSTERS are doing/wearing to spring/summer Festivals (Coachella, EDC, Ultra, Tommorowland etc) all across the US lately...? Seems like a perfect hat for a pool party.

    5. Should I go with board shorts or swim trunks...? Seems like the swim trunks would fit the vibe of a pool party more since that's what I see a lot of guys wearing in Vegas pool party pictures. Seems like the board shorts are more for the beach/surfing.

    6. Do you think a khaki/walking/linen type short would be 'ok' even though its not meant for 'water contact'...? Seems like a lot of guys wear these to pool parties no problem from the images I see on google.

    7. Sandals or Flip Flops...? Seems like it doesn't matter from the images I see on google.

    8. Are sneakers/shoes 'ok' as long as they are the VERY LOW TOP skater/surfer type that is 'ankle showing'...? (e.g. loafers, slip on sneakers (vans), water proof sneakers (native), boat shoes (sperry), Vans/Converse/Adidas/Nike low tops etc.)

    Sorry for the long thread. I just need some major help since I have NO FASHION SENSE at all. And also since its my brothers bachelor party and I don't want to let him down by getting kicked out of a club for NOT having the correct attire.

    But most importantly...because there will be some FINE A$$ LADIES and it will be my first chance to get laid in a long time! LOL! JK!

    Hopefully there is people in here who are somewhat fashionably modern/forward and who have been to many Vegas pool parties before and can give me some suggestions/advice/tips. Or even better yet...If your a resident DJ around the Vegas area who knows the party vibe/atmosphere better than anyone else.
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    I personally have no idea how to answer your question.

    I googled how to dress for a vegas pool party for guys and was rewarded with the following links:

    In my search the best tip I found was "Don't ogle the beautiful women too much". Make of that what you will. And have a good time!

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    You may get som insights from sociofreak !! Especialy the Photo articles really get into celebrity clothing styles! It is pretty cool!

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    Honestly at a Vegas pool party I think the douchebag look is the only look that would be suitable, LOL!

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