I started DJing as a house DJ, and mixing to me just makes sense. I could beatmatch vinyl and it's fun! My problem is I followed the money and I'm DJing for a lot of events as a mobile DJ. Doesn't really take much technique but I'd like to improve my technique for this style of DJing.

I can pretty much get away with just playing hit after hit and people think I do a fantastic job, but I want to do a better job then just playing one song after the other.

My question is, where are some good mixes on soundcloud, mixcloud, etc. That don't mix by beatmatching, but just by transitioning sounds that are similar?

I'm ok with short transitions, but I want to hear some mixes that do it right so I can work on my technique, and hopefully post some mixes of music I'd actually play, rather than posting a house, dubstep mix, etc. which as a mobile DJ, literally never happens.

ISO of Top 40's mix without beatmatching

Thanks in advance!