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Thread: Producer shares gear pics for 30 years, yet to release a single track

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    There's people in all kinds of stuff that go all crazy on equipment without ever utilizing it properly.

    You see a lot of guys who are over 50 who have tens of thousands of dollars in guitars, amps & accessories. But can't play any better than most children that have only been playing for two or three years.

    When I was in High School we had a kid that had a pair of matching Nikon camera bodies with a ton of lens & his parents set up a separate room in their house just for his darkroom. But he ended up being one of the worst photographers in our photography class.

    I've seen people spend ridiculous amounts of money on stereo equipment. Yet only have about twenty or thirty records in their record collection.

    Some people just seem to love the equipment more than actually getting good use out of the equipment. The most extreme example can be seen by rich people who collect cars. Millions of dollars in cars that they almost never (or never) drive.
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    Well that is the problem with finally having access to money when you don't have the time to appreciate the stuff correctly.

    When I was young I lusted after all the latest DJ gear and dreamed of having the cash to get it. I had to use my student loan to get some decent decks. Something that makes me feel sick at my stupidity now.
    These days I have the cash to spare, however I can't justify buying a new setup because I don't have the time to use it to its full potential and am not full of the mad enthusiasm of youth.
    I'm too old to forge a DJ career in rural France, where the is no scene.
    I may just buy myself something pretty like a Condesa, but I'm absolutely certain that I will always regret spending a load of cash that could be better spent on a family holiday. I could always convince myself that the mixer was for teaching my daughter to be a DJ...

    The worst example of this is probably expensive cars.
    Most exotic cars are not meant to be driven every day, and if they are driven every day then they massively decrease in resale value and have the risk of being damaged.

    I guess the only way to buy these sort of things with good conscience is to be so rich that money means absolutely nothing. Or to buy it for your kids with the best intentions, knowing that they will make the best use of it in their youthful exuberance.
    However, then you just create another monster like Bateman.
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    However, then you just create another monster like Bateman.
    LOL I was just gonna mention him. Wonder where that guy ended up.. jail probably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windows 95 View Post
    Enferno would have every piece in use & it would sound good.
    I'd just press play though...

    On a side note, Bateman had a really cool business card.

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    Damn, you know. Probably my fav Bale movie.

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    Damn that's a lot of gear to waste lol

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