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Thread: Adding Ableton controller to Seraton DJ setup ?

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    Adding Ableton controller to Seraton DJ setup ?

    Hello everyone !

    I want to extend my DJ playing units by adding Ableton controller to trigger self-prepared loops. Now the question is - Will it work if I connect my Serato DJ (with Numark N4 controller) with Ableton (with Ableton Push/Novation Launchpad controller) by Ableton Link ? How this connection will work ?

    I red that there is no beatmatching by this type of connection, it means, that Serato don't send clock information to Ableton (so I will probably need to adjust tempo in Serato instead Ableton).

    Have You ever used similar setup (not necessarily with Serato/Ableton) ?

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    I've never tried but I'm sure it's possible with some sort of bridge program
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