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Thread: Full Flavoured Funky House vol 5 [live showcase mix]

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    Full Flavoured Funky House vol 5 [live showcase mix]

    Sup DJF,

    here's the fifth volume of Full Flavoured Funky House.

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud


    1. Olav Basoski - I Feel So (Original mix)
    2. Vassy - We Are Young (Ivan Gomez remix)
    3. Joshua Heath & Louis Hale - Copacetic (Neighbour remix)
    4. TJH87 - Cheap Bad Moves (Original mix))
    5. Random Soul - Hypnotize Me (Original mix)
    6. Random Soul - The Force (Original mix)
    7. Riva Starr - Hagakure (Original mix)

    Mixed live using Ableton Live, Akai APC40, Mackie D4Pro, Novation Mininova, Akai Rhythm Wolf, 2x Patchblocks and Novation Nocturn 25. Recorded with Audacity.

    Note to self; a lot of same tracks in there from older sets.. I also had some second thoughts about how this particular setup would do in funky/disco house but it worked out ok I guess.


    I hope you have fun listening!

    Much love,


    EDIT : Added a dropbox d/l link..

    EDIT 2 : Fixed the artwork/tracklist..

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