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Thread: Can anyone ID this track please?

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    Can anyone ID this track please?

    Bumped into this track from Soulmind's set back in 2014 at Boiler room. Can't find this track anywhere and the tracklist is not available. Such a sweet track. Can you please ID it (just click the link)

    Btw the original track is The Roots - You got me

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    Sorry, I tried digging around but nothing came up. This might be a personal mashup of his, unreleased.

    With that said, thanks for posting this. I once came across some tracks that I instantly loved and was quite different from others in that genre.. I thought it was Electronica but could never find more of it. I made a set and stopped looking for more of that style cause nothing came close. Some of the tracks he played here are and I just pulled a few from the boiler room set from Sarah Farina.

    Bonobo - 'Eyesdown' (Machinedrum Remix) - this is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank again.

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