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Thread: Anyone DJ with an iMac?

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    Anyone DJ with an iMac?

    I've gone through two Macbook Pro's that have experienced motherboard (logic board) issue's and also hard drive cable issue's. It seems iMac's are bigger, cool better, and are cheaper than the notebooks. It might look silly DJing with a 21" iMac but it may be worth a shot. I'm kind of over Macbook Pro's..

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    Any computer at home is fine, provided that the specs meet the requirements. Now on the move, I don't think so.

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    Well, at home there is no problem. But I can't imagine that You'll take it to a gig

    It can look preety funny btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Herringbone View Post

    Who does this guy think he is?

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    I was once in a battle and someone entered with an iMac. Shit took forever to set up.
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    Anyone DJ with an iMac?

    Just got my first iMac yesterday. Haven't had time to load Traktor on it yet, but that's comin'. I'm considering using it as the computer for my small system. Right now I have a rack-mounted PC and a 22" monitor. The iMac (21.5") is about the same size, and would eliminate the rack-mounted computer. Less weight and less cables. Only drawback is the iMac has no holes for a VESA bracket and you can't even remove the stand unless you pretty much disassemble the computer. The third-party VESA kits essentially screw on to the stand, and they not only look clunky, they wouldn't allow me to fold the iMac down like I currently can with my 22" monitor. Just got it yesterday, though, so I still have lots of thinkin' and experimentin' to do on it. Perhaps I'll come up with a solution. I know one DJ who uses an iMac and just carries it in its own case.

    Above is a pic of the way my monitor is currently mounted. If the iMac had a VESA mount, I would be able to do the same.

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