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Thread: About dance stacks..

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    Here's the case coated :

    I used 2 layers of oil-based primer so it should give a nice, durable finish.. time will tell. Maybe I'll use it with a home stereo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by efinque View Post
    Thread on Speakerplans got locked.. I'll continue updating here.
    No updates?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
    No updates?
    Nothing so far.. I've set this project aside until I get the financial stuff sorted out (sorry for the late answer but for some reason my Tapatalk cleared itself and I lost all subscriptions so I didn't get a push notification)

    Currently I'm looking at a sum of 2,5-3k (in EUR) to complete the system with hardware, drivers, amps, processing etc.

    If I was to break it down/buy them in parts : roughly 1k in hardware&drivers, about 1-1,5k in amps&processing, and 300-500e in cables and an amp rack etc.

    EDIT : plus some 50-100e in material to finish the 2nd sub.

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