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Thread: About dance stacks..

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    Here's the case coated :

    I used 2 layers of oil-based primer so it should give a nice, durable finish.. time will tell. Maybe I'll use it with a home stereo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by efinque View Post
    Thread on Speakerplans got locked.. I'll continue updating here.
    No updates?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
    No updates?
    Nothing so far.. I've set this project aside until I get the financial stuff sorted out (sorry for the late answer but for some reason my Tapatalk cleared itself and I lost all subscriptions so I didn't get a push notification)

    Currently I'm looking at a sum of 2,5-3k (in EUR) to complete the system with hardware, drivers, amps, processing etc.

    If I was to break it down/buy them in parts : roughly 1k in hardware&drivers, about 1-1,5k in amps&processing, and 300-500e in cables and an amp rack etc.

    EDIT : plus some 50-100e in material to finish the 2nd sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fkiolds View Post
    I have seen and heard scoops plenty of times and just like anything Bose I am yet to be impressed. But never mind that, nobody uses a scoop for "midrange" because it's upper frequency response is just nasty, they're typically used for bass.
    The old disco systems did.. I however implemented the mid box in my design.

    I get the idea of a dance stack but just like F1's version you need some proper mids and highs to deliver something approaching the HI-FI sound these systems are supposed to deliver, something like a speakerplans MT102 or MT122 would work and look right IMO and give you the 4-way setup.
    At one point I was thinking a mid/high box with horn-loaded subs but there are "better" commercial options (ie. more lightweight with better spec'd/custom drivers than off-the-shelf ones) available so it was a choice between buy or DIY (edit : I designed the system portable with possible installs in mind but it's more suited towards disco/house/techno etc, not so much live PA/bands in which the 2-way system would've exceled at as they're much simpler to scale, set up and operate)

    Anyway, sorry for not replying but I had to move from my old apartment, and due to space being limited I had to abandon the speakers there so the project is canceled for now. In the same process I also lost my studio.

    I still have my old PA (during 2010-mid 2019 I went through three different systems) and both DJ/live setups as well as records/instruments though and I'll still probably continue the mixer/crossover/amp projects and circuit designing as I have no longer access to woodworking facilities.

    EDIT : in my spare time I started designing a step sequencer/synthesizer on GroupDIY.. I also sketched a VCA compressor for it which I was planning on implementing to the crossover as it's probably closer to "true RMS" than the current one (for convenience the CV trim and feedback pots could be ganged together reverse in respect to each other or leave the feedback control inside the case as a trimmer, also to simplify it a bit the LED driver IC could be substituted with a shunting varistor/zener to ground so it acts more like a limiter at high voltages, this however could make the compression characteristics somewhat unpredictable at normal volumes due to the feedback circuitry)

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    I sketched a subharmonics synthesizer schematic in my spare time:

    Many people doing PA and DJing dislike the idea of using one excessively but originally they were intended to artificially restore the removed low frequencies of analog recordings.

    EDIT : the one in dbx Driverack is ok, the standalone 510 is still in production but it's in 500-series format (unlike the 120A/120XP processors which are discontinued, if I was going for a complete DIY processing I'd build it though, I already have a 2-way crossover prototype with a LF comp I did a year ago or so which wasn't that bad, it could be modded to do band-pass or full range to the mids/scoops and feed the LF out via subharmonics to the bass bins)

    EDIT 2 : basically it works by splitting and band-passing the input signal to C, C# etc to cover an octave (C1..C2) which then trigger oscillators that produce corresponding square waves which are smoothed with a LPF to resemble a sine wave. It could also decode the note information from C2..C3 and produce subharmonics an octave lower which is afaik what the original dbx 100/500 units did.

    EDIT 3 : I read these things have their origins in early telecommunications where to save bandwidth the LF was filtered and reconstructed in the receiver (someone in speakerplans suggested using a frequency divider for this) but the concept of decoding information from overtones sounds too complicated and inaccurate, albeit much simpler. Now, tracking the C1..C2 passbands and synthesizing them in C0..C1 it goes too low (around 15Hz) but I guess one could HPF the fundamentals and use the remaining overtones, as tuning the oscillators is far more easier than rebuilding the frequency tracking portion (I noticed the series capacitors are the wrong way around in case someone wishes to breadboard/build it)

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    Here's a block diagram on how I was planning on running the stack :

    EDIT : I could either make a passive crossover output volume control (as it has the ceiling tweeter array, or run it via zone out) or use a master isolator with 200/4000Hz corner frequencies between the mixer and the xover. Either way with 3-way processing the mid band needs to be split into two as I'd very much like to run the scoops in stereo (with my current DIY xover I'd cross it over at 200Hz, feed the lows to sub in mono and the stereo high band to the rest of the stack in which case I'd need an additional 800-2,5kHz high pass for the compression driver)

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