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Thread: Headphone cases to protect your cans

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    Headphone cases to protect your cans

    Hey all - first post here. We just signed up as a vendor and did so based on the suggestion of 2 visitors who are customers of ours, and who suggested we become part of this community. I've read the forums rules and believe, because we've signed up and paid to be a vendor, we're not in violation here - but if we are I apologize in advance and will make sure we do what's needed to be done to be compliant.

    Anyway, for visitors, here is an offer for you on our HardBody PRO Headphone case, designed to fit MANY popular headphones including the Audio Technica ATH m50x, Pioneer HDJ models, Sony MDR models, and SO many others.

    Use this code at checkout at "DJForumHPCase" and get 20% off the case PLUS free FedEx Smartpost shipping in the contiguous USA


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    These look great. I might have to pick one up for my phones...
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