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Thread: Concrete Jungle vol 2

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    Concrete Jungle vol 2

    Sup DJF, I thought I'd play a short dnb set as I haven't spun the genre in a long long time... some classics in there too

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud


    1.Noisia & Teebee - Shower for an hour
    2.Brookes Brothers - Tear you down
    3.Brookes Brothers - Paperchase
    4.Noisia - Concussion
    ->Teebee - Catch my breath
    5.Brookes Brothers - Beautiful
    ->Noisia, Mayhem, Verse - Choke

    Hope you enjoy!


    PS. Sorry for the audio being mono; it's because one of my turntables' tonearm/cartridge or the mixer dropped a channel while recording so I solved the problem by summing the stereo mix to a single channel in Audacity. Equipment-wise, it's mixed live using two Reloop RP-5000M3D's, two Pioneer CDJ-800's and a Formula Sound PM-90.

    PPS. Missed a track near the end, it's fixed now

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