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Thread: Aurora/Northern Lights style lighting

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    Aurora/Northern Lights style lighting

    I saw this on facebook as a sponsored ad/post. The dealer page indicated in the ad was already dead, but the manufacturer (or distributor?) website is live. I love what I am seeing but weary of the no-name company (I've never heard of them anyway) so was wondering if any of the more respected fx lighting companies have similar units.

    I saw a couple vids for the ADJ Atmospheric on youtube, but they were all 5 years old and it seems to have been discontinued.
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    That looks boss! I want them for my house!!
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    Similar laser effects are available from both Blizzard and ProX
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    Just as many other looks spectacular on the manufacturers video, but in real life, combined with other lights in a venue, the effect is barely to view.

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    I like atmospheric effects. I have on of the bliss lights I mount on a stand with some washes that's a cool subtle addition. I'm pretty interested in these. If they accept PayPal i might give it a shot.
    I found one on amazon for like 40$ so for that price will get one to check
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